Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I admit it, I fall prey to marketing.
And I admit, iWant

I know I am a consumer in a consumer-driven world. I know that I don’t NEED this contraption.
Having this knowledge, and the knowledge that I actually OWE taxes for 2009, will keep me from being an irresponsible consumer.
Or as some of my friends have said recently, “unresponsible”. * evil grin *

I have an iPod, an iPhone and a fiancee who owns enough Apple technology to run his own store (slight exaggeration).
I don’t NEED it. I can’t afford it right now. I can wait. And I WILLwait until the time I have a little expendable income (like, in 2013 or something).
But I still look longingly at its sleek design and gorgeous images. iWant.

1 comment:

carissa said...

I want too. So bad that I might break my no credit card rule. I *need some form of a laptop, so I feel I might as well get the best!

*Need = want really bad but actually don't neeeed

P.S. I see you on the Dallas blog meetup emails and on my gchat screen and I don't know why I haven't visited here! Let's be friends!