Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Are these action items...or goals?

To start...I hate the term "action item". It makes me want to punch someone in the face. (Sorry, boss). It kinda hovers there along with "employee engagement" and "team building". Blehck.

Anyhoo...I have this inkling to get better at yoga. I realize that the biggest step toward that is just getting my uncoordinated ass on the mat regularly. (it IS a practice afterall)

Another BIG step, I think, is possibly getting some personal instruction to help tweak my poses...so ya know...I am "doing it right"!

I have myself a challenge...or list of action items...or goals...whatever...

1.) Must attend yoga at least 3 times a week. (Sun -Sat)
2.) May only eat out (or pay) for lunch 1x a week.

If I meet these two goals (seemingly small and completely attainable), I will reward myself with ONE personal yoga guidance session. What is this personal yoga guidance, you ask? Well, my preference would be to have an instructor stay right by my side during a class and pretty much make me do all my poses right. I have this option at my studio, and want to take advantage of it.
I am not sure how much it costs, but I know it will be more than $10...so I need to budget for it...hence #2 on my list above.

Are there any special "treats" that you are budgeting for? I know some of you may not look at it as a treat...but when you grow in your practice and are able to flow into a pose you haven't been able to do in a while, that is a treat folks. I got up into a full wheel pose again after not being able to do it for probably a year...and well...I was thrilled. Plus...lots of side bonuses in being strong in my yoga practice...like weight loss and slimming my body down. But that isn't my direct focus right now. :) I wanna do it RIGHT!

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