Wednesday, September 3, 2008

List : 30

I am a list maker. Somehow it helps my brain unwind and unveil and sometimes, unhinge ;)
My new list is about "What I want to accomplish in my 30th year of life". That's a long title, but it sounded better than "What I want to do when I am 30"....ok, both titles suck. But you get the idea. This list is subject to change and grow and shrink. I turn 30 in November, so I figured I might as well plan now.

So, without further ado...and adon't, here is the list:

- go somewhere tropical for at least 3 days (1 day spent being completely lazy and sitting in a hammock while someone brings me fruity drinks and/or ice cold Pacificos ALL DAMN DAY)
- participate in (and hopefully finish) at least ONE 100k off-road cycling event (Ouachita Challenge and Chupacabras are both on the list as options...if I do both, I get a bye when I turn 40..ha!)
- actually RUN a 25k or longer trail run (ok, I have done a dozen or so of these, but I walk 85% or more of the trails. I don't count Tyler as having run it, because I did a death march/hike for the last four miles. Races I could accomplish this mission at include, but are not limited to: Bandera, Tyler, Hog's Hunt, and Palo Duro)
- lay an epic hash trail (will have to eye the calendar for an appropriate weekend)
- do Rivercities and actually train for the event. Heheheh (No shots the night before or day of, AP!!)
- "tentatively" Commute to work by bicycle 2x a week (weather and schedule permitting). This is tentative because I will be doing my first real commute this Friday (hopefully) and I will either LOVE it or HATE it. So, its up in the air...
- save some dough (simple, yes...but I want to put a decent chunk in savings)
- research schools and talk to an advisor about what I would need to do to get my degree...finally.
- audition for a local play or musical (KK, you in????)
- do the 365 challenge with my camera and ACTUALLY stick to it this time (I think I got to like, er...98 on the last one)
- bake a pie from scratch (don't ask...been on my list for years)
- become a good driver of a standard car (Mike...I will be using the Toaster
- learn to ride a regular motorcycle (might enlist Doc's help here...or LK's? heheh)
- go to Austin to see the bats at Congress Street Bridge (if you know me, you know this is a big will either kill me or make me stronger)

Ok...that's all I can think of right now. :) Will add more, change crap and/or delete some as time goes by. Till then, marvel at my willingness and courage to put on paper what I hope and plan on accomplishing. (feel free to hold me to


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