Tuesday, September 2, 2008

thoughts on a Tuesday

No matter what you say, someone...somewhere...will take it the wrong way. Even if your intention was innocuous humor, it is completely possible that someone will think it is attacking their very framework of faith.

In a recent case, I find myself in a somewhat awkward position of trying not to offend or hurt someone I really care about. I regard this person highly and appreciate that they just have a different belief and passion for religion than I do. By my posting a seemingly harmless quote, I must have hit a nerve. I didn't mean to...but sometimes that nerve is sensitive because of something completely unrelated to me. While they take a posture that could be construed (if I allowed myself to give in to such thoughts) as condescending, I have to remind myself that in reality...they just read it with a different voice than I wrote it (and as such, I could be reading their response in an entirely voice than THEY wrote it). That is part of life. Whether speaking, writing, dancing, walking, breathing or even just BEING...all actions are open to interpretation and are colored by the observers own life and soul.

So....I will think more about it, but not let it bother me. They didn't mean to hurt or offend me either, they just wanted to lay out their argument against what they thought I was saying. Ahhh circles.

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