Wednesday, May 30, 2012

save the drama for yo mama! - Let's waste valuable time by talking about how you feel. One of the things I love about work is that it *should* be clean cut. This is professional, it isn't personal. Alas, since work requires also involves...gasp...feelings. GAH. I am an emotional person. I am a Scorpio for crying out loud. But here's the deal - when something needs to get done, let's focus on how to get it done. Let's stop making it about us. Laurie nailed it on the head when she said
I don’t have any science or data to back me up on this but I think drama at work can be abated if we treat one another a little less like brothers and sisters and a little more like colleagues and peers.
Truth. Preach on, sister.

I mean, I am not saying your feelings are unimportant - just don't let them be the driver on this boat....mmmkay?

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