Tuesday, August 24, 2010

things that make me smile

- Friends that help me with wedding details (often the wedding details I never thought of!). Thank you, Sam...for coming over late and helping hack through that stuff. You are greatness.
- My new favorite perfume: Pacifica solid perfumes. In two scents - Sandalwood and Spanish Amber. Be jealous. I could sit and sniff my wrists (weird) all day...they are just THAT intoxicating. And yeah, sometimes I mix them. Sometimes I just go with the Spanish Amber...ya never know.
- checklists (and the ability to check things off)
- a clean car! I got my car washed yesterday. ROCK. it feels awesome to have a shiny, vacuumed Scion. Clean is good.
- RSVPS for the wedding. It is nice to know that people want to come celebrate with us. :) 18 days, people!

That is all for now. Busy busy, but had to share.

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