Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hot Chow Chow!

I haven’t posted a real “foodie” blog in a while, but I felt today was a good day to do so.
You see, my fiancé has mad skills in the cooking department. This weekend he smoked a mass amount of pork (ribs and shoulders). We already decimated the ribs, but we have plenty of pork shoulder leftover. Last night, we made pulled pork tacos. Very simple: corn tortillas, pulled pork, broccoli slaw, and
Hot Chow Chow.

I decided that I needed to have a replay for lunch today.
OMG…it is so good. Even reheated smoked pork (although I think the ladies in the breakroom didn’t like the smell…sigh…I don’t care!) is awesome.

So here is a pic of my soon-to-be-eaten

pulled pork taco (same ingredients as above).

Note, I think the jars of Hot Chow Chow from Mrs. Renfro’s should be bigger, cause honestly…I put a lot of this stuff on here. NEED MORE CHOW CHOW!


Graygrrrl said...

What is this Chow Chow? It looks like jacked up relish- I must own it. Where can you buy it?

Beckbee said...

Hot Chow CHow...pretty much jacked up relish :) I think it is made with cabbage instead of cucumbers or something. (NO idea really). You can find it in the relish section of a good grocery store. Here in Fiesta :) Seriously. Tom Thumb..not so much. Prolly Central Market has it too. :)