Tuesday, December 9, 2008

chives in all their greatness...

I know I am a fledgling chef, cook, whatever. I have SO much to learn. But, today I learned that I am, as a matter of fact, in love with the chive.

This little green wonder has an effect on food that is both intoxicating and comforting. I caught an episode of Barefoot Contessa or some such the other day and she was making these fabulous little chive biscuits to go along with a fancy soup she was making. Recipe HERE

I had most of the ingredients, so I went and picked up some fresh chives and started on my first ever "making biscuits from scratch" adventure.

A couple of handicaps here, I do not have: a stand mixer, nor do I have a biscuit cutter thingie. So I improvised. But I followed the directions as closely as I could, given those handicaps, and the results turned out pretty darn impressive.

I had to use a pint glass to cut out the biscuits, and then the remaining dough I used and rolled up to make little baby biscuit roll thingies..but they all taste great and look decent too. :)
The leftover chives, I mixed with a spoonful of cream cheese and a spoonful of sour cream....then spread it on toast, then put some ham on it. YUMMMMMMMMMY. I love chives.

So, I know I can make these and take them to the xmas party we will be attending this weekend. YAY me! :)

BTW, I also made a great dish last night - Turkey Florentine, recipe: http://homecooking.about.com/od/turkeyrecipes/r/blpoul7.htm
This is a great recipe for using leftover turkey - BUT I am thinking it would be great with any kind of grilled chicken or shrimp or even maybe seared scallops. We served it over rice and it was quite yummy. Creamy, spinach-y, and I added some additional Parmesan which added to the depth...it was fantastic.

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