Monday, June 23, 2008

Life's little pleasures...

Sometimes, life affords these little delectable moments - whether palatable to others is a point I don't care to ponder - but they make me grin and feel satisfied.

One such moment, or rather these consistent opportunities to create these moments, involves a slightly impish action on my part. At the front desk in our office, there are business card holders for all of the loan officers. Apparently, they always jockey for the front slots so that their mugs will be most visible and therefore likely to stir up leads and business.

One of these loan officers is very insistent that his card ALWAYS be in front. I find this amusing, but not offensive. Somehow though, I am completely unable to pass up the opportunity to take his stack of cards and place them behind someone else's.

This has been going on for at least a week. Possibly two. He has no idea its me - but knowing it drives him nuts somehow gives me a glimmer of satisfaction. Kind of like convincing people that Texas is still a country.

I suppose I should use my powers for good and not evil - but its SO much more fun this way.



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KK said...

That's hilarious, Becky! Nice job. I love pressing people's buttons. LOL!