Monday, February 18, 2008

it's time to take the snowmen down....

I have these whimsical little window clings...festive snowmen sledding and having snowball fights...that I have stuck to my work window. It is time to take them down, I think. Hoping for warmer weather and longer sunlight hours (for playing outside!), this might trigger something with Mother Nature. (no? well I can hope!)


Just wrapped up a full, but relaxing weekend.

Friday: after work, met some folks for happy hour at Cape Buffalo. It was really good to see some of my fave co-workers and just fun people.
Saturday: woke up a bit late, but got my arse to yoga - just in time to find out it was a hip opener class. While I love my yoga, and I know I needed the class...I knew I was in for a world of hurt. Saw Moldy Ho out there, so she pulled her mat up next to mine and we cursed and sweat side by side for the whole class. My body is STILL sore. After yoga, went home and showered and put on some comfy clothes. Mike and I ran errands and bought some stuff for dinner - got some great steaks and asparagus and risotto. Dinner was wonderful...and we capped off the evening by watching Resident Evil: Extinction. I had zombie dreams all night.
Sunday: had a great breakfast, then went to see "Fools Gold" with my mom and sister. Movie was allright, predictable, but cute...then I went to yoga. Needed to stretch out the craziness in my body from Saturday's class. After yoga, I met the bike hashers out at Angry Dog in Deep Ellum. Sadly, there wasn't enough room at the table - so I made some friends at a nearby table and we talked about hockey until they left. Then Mike came over and sat with me and we decided to head home. When we went out to the cars, mine was covered in bird poo. Go figure. I will have to get the car washed today. Sigh. Mike made a wonderful pasta dish (penne with this spicy sauce and italian sausage) while I did laundry. We watched Evan Almighty while we ate dinner, then an episode of Ugly Betty while we had a couple of cookies. :)

All in all, a really good weekend. It is deceptively sunny outside...wish it were warmer!

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