Friday, November 16, 2007

witty banter and all red lights...

On my way to work this morning, I hit every red light in Dallas. How did I do that? I attempted to bypass the cluster f*ck on 635 by taking 75 all the way to Campbell. Somehow, miraculously...every red light in Dallas appeared on my remaining trip to the office. Unbelievable that it takes TWICE as long to go half (or less) the distance I had just travelled.

Ah well, it was pretty out and I was greatly enjoying my new jacket :)

My sister and I spoke for a while and I was overjoyed (almost to the point of tears) to hear that there is a remote possibility that she and her family (husband, three sons) may get to move back to Dallas and out of the armpit of Texas (Houston). I will keep my fingers, toes, eyes and anything else I can - crossed - in the hopes of generating as much luck in that regard as possible. I figure if I can will a good parking spot to open up at the Flying Saucer last night, I can have some sort of cosmic input on my sister's living arrangements. tee hee
BTW, it was great seeing the crew out at the Saucer last night. Jeremy, Travis, Paul and Michelle - and the two new folks (Mr. and Mrs. Mead - you drink Mead?). We had a great time. Really cool people...and I was super happy Mike made it out.

On to work, lets get through another day so I can GO CAMPING this weekend! WOOT! Bring on the cool weather, biking through the pine needles and cooking on the grill. I am so excited. What a way to spend my birthday!!!!

hugs, kisses and all that jazz...


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