Monday, November 26, 2007

I have been summoned....

I am assigned to standby jury the end of the month, no less.
On Nov 28th - I am ordered to call the Dallas County courts to see if they will need me for any trials. Wheee. I sincerely hope the mortgage gods are favorable here. I mean, fit would hit the shan folks, if'n I were to have to leave and go to Jury Duty on the 3rd-to-last day of the month.

Sigh. Keepin' my fingers crossed.

In the meantime....I have added some Christmas cheer to my workspace. I found these cute little snowman windy clingies - they look quite festive on my window at work.

I think I might put the Christmas tree up tonight...but I am without a good table for it...hmmmmm might have to go by Target again. I can get one of those little round tables for like $5, right?

Holidays are here again...and my brain is reeling over what to get my peeps for xmas.

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