Friday, October 19, 2007

train o' thought....

music is so incredibly powerful ~ at different moments, songs have an otherworldly effect on me ~ sometimes they break my heart ~ sometimes they strengthen my resolve ~ sometimes they elate me and take me to a land of bliss or pure comedic hilarity ~
occasionally, you will listen to a song while something extraordinarily mundane (hahah) is going on...and it seems to be in sync :) right now, it makes me want to bite on the stem of a rose and dance the tango........

The dirty dried water droplets have left fooprints on my window at looks like the spots on a fish I saw at MoMo's. hmmm

men who don't know me, but insist on calling me "hon" or "darling" irritate the fuck out of me

why wasn't this crap organized? oy!

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