Monday, September 10, 2007

"some rainy days ya know I dig the rain..."

"that's rollin down my window pane...."

Eric Lindell. Good stuff there.

So...had an insanely TASTY weekend. Gastronomically speaking, the days were filled with greatness. :)

Friday night - Pappadeaux. MMMM I had the grilled red snapper with the yvette sauce. (crawfish, shrimp and mushrooms in a white wine/mozarella base) OMG...fabulous. (and I stole a few bites of Mike's pasta Mardi Gras...yeowza...that is good too!)
Saturday - Maggiano's. MMMMMMMMMMMMM Family style - lotso food, can't even list here...but it was GOOD!
Sunday night - Mike grilled Salmon (yum) and I made linguine with garlic and red pepper. Spinach salad with feta cheese, red onion, grape tomatoes, homemade vinegarette, and crumbled bacon. Dessert - super chocolate chocolate CHOCOLATE cake from Rosie :) Excellent meal.

If you haven't noticed, I really like FOOD!

Just got my external hard drive today. 500G. Can't wait to clean up my notebook and back all that crap up. SWEEET.


Spending some time today making a pack list and getting as much info together as I can for ACL. I am so excited about the lineup. Bought a bike from Christine this weekend - will work well for ACL. $10...hella good deal, if you ask me. Got some slime tubes, will let Mike do some tweaking to make sure it is safe...then we are good to go. :) YAY!

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