Thursday, April 16, 2009

in an effort to not be derailed on DAY 2....

I am trying to get back into the saddle of the fabulous weight loss
program, Naturally Slim. Today is day 2 of my unofficial start in the
program**. To call it a weight loss program isn't really fair, even
though that is the main attraction to it. The whole thing is pretty
much set up to where you can eat whatever you want, and still lose
weight. It sounds insane and illogical, but the science and psychology
behind the plan is pretty solid. I did really well with it a year ago,
but just kinda lost my motivation to stay true to it and then stopped
losing. It isn't a hard program, and honestly, I only gained a few of
the 22 lbs I lost back. me, that is a testament to the plan.

Right now, my biggest struggle is keeping away from sugar. While I
don't consider myself a sugar-holic, it is extremely difficult in my
office to avoid it. We have a cookie baking oven here...they make
cookies EVERY DAMN DAY. And to top that off, people just bring in
sweets to be sweet. One of our borrower's brought us a double
chocolate cake, because she was happy with the way her loan went and
happens to be a pastry chef. So, I have this gorgeous...unbelievably
amazing smelling cake right behind my desk. And its staring at me. I
am just gonna wait till everyone gets a piece and its all gone, then
throw the box away!

Here's the deal. The Naturally Slim dealio doesn't say "you can't eat
cake". It says to eay when you are hungry...and greatly encourages
cutting down on sugar intake for a variety of reasons. Essentially,
if I wanted a piece of cake, I should eat it WITH my meal, instead of
after. Like I said, it all makes sense...but its hard to embrace that
faxt when I don't wanna see a piece of chocolate cake run by me. Of
course...if I do really well, maybe I will treat myself (when I am
actually hungry and its time to eat) to something decadent like
cheesecake or that yummy cinnamon cream cake from Corner Bakery.
There will always be some kind of treat waiting for I just
have to bide my time. :) And I can split the next dessert I reallllly
want with someone I Mike, or CJ or YOU!!!

** My official start will be April 28th! First class of the new
session and I am gonna GO! Woot!!!

"Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from
bad judgment." - Rita Mae Brown


shine said...

Just promise not to turn into one of those crazy Weight Watchers types who yell at the people who bring sweets to the office as though it were a personal attack. That's not a good place to be.

KK said...

Woot! I know you can perservere and do well when you put your mind to something Becky. You did well before, you'll do it again!

Jason Harx said...

Cookie baking oven in the office?!?

Call yourself lucky that you're not over 350... I would be.