Monday, March 17, 2008

where is my sunscreen?

So, this weekend was a little different than I had anticipated. Originally my plan involved a day full of drinking and revelry on Saturday - following by an "after party" at the Tipperary Inn. On Sunday, my plan was to go on the bike hash and hang out with my other hungover compatriots.

Well, I got about 1/3 of that goal accomplished. The parade was a blast. The hash was pretty straight forward and got us to III's where games of flippy cup ensued.

Then, the plan was abandoned. It's not a bad thing...its just a thing that happened. I did get to swing by Jeremy's for a bit to see the gang...and we did get to eat at Campisi's with the hashers.

Oh yeah...and we got locked out of our house. Good times. :) Actually, even in my extremely sunburned state and not being able to get inside our house, Mike and I had a good time. We sat out on our porch and lit a fire in the Chiminea and chatted until the locksmith got there. We can always have fun...regardless of physical pain and unfortunate circumstance.

Sigh. I am still very very burned. It was stupid and irresponsible not to wear sunscreen. Now my face is all puffy (no, I will not post any pictures) and it is tight and hurts. Sigh...and I am at work. Luckily only one person has seen me so far. Ugh.

Maybe it will heal quickly. Keep your fingers crossed for me and Mike....his skin got a little toasty as well.

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