Thursday, November 1, 2007

"it's oh so quiet...."

"shhhhh shhhhh it's oh so still....."

Today is the 1st day of November. Lots of things make this day special. It is definitely fall - cool, crisp air greeted me on my way to my car this morning. End of the month is over. This week was a challenge, but somehow I was able to muster through and get to a new month. It is really holiday season. How crazy is that? Feels like it just ended. I am very excited about our trip to Seattle in December.
And....da-da-da-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it's my birthday month :)

I think today is going to be a day of reflection and relaxation. Soak it all up...let myself decompress. Might just curl up and watch a movie tonight. I would say I would eat leftovers from last night, but Mike and I cleaned up that Chicken Bacon Roulade I made. It was quite tasty. Recipe can be found here

Mine didn't look as pretty as their picture, but it sure tasted good.

Ok, I am going to go through my stuff and see what my day looks like.

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