Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Don't go changin'....

As an outdoorsy type girl, there have been those occasions where changing clothes outside has been a necessity. While I do possess a certain amount of modesty (I don't run around naked as a jay bird just because I feel like it!), sometimes you have to just throw caution to the wind and hide behind your car door while you change out of work clothes and into some trail running attire in a parking lot. Many of you know the predicament of which I speak. Usually, one can change without any sort of issue. Occasionally, you can feel a bit awkward, silly even, at the thought of someone catching a glimpse of some exposed flesh. There are some rare individuals who balk at, or rather, become infuriated at the idea of a person changing their clothing in a public space - possibly in view of children. I ran into such a person recently while parked at a local trailhead that backed up to a private residence. I carefully chose a spot that looked like it was not only far enough away from the road as to avoid any passers-by from catching a peek of my shimmeringly pale ass, but I also tried to make sure that the area I changed in was guarded by trees and bushes so as not to offend the local residents. After looking around to make sure there were no possible "victims", I proceeded to start my disrobing process. Unfortunately, there must have been a view available to an older woman who proceeded to yell and chastise me saying in a very loud, obnoxious voice.."You can be observed!". Various forms of apologies proceeded from my mouth, but sadly all were overwhelmed by her constant rants of "You are a visitor here, but we have to live here" and "there are children around". If she had known me personally, she would have known that the last thing on my mind was to go and strip down in front of a minor...but alas. After continuing to try to let her know I was unaware of any possible viewing access, I again apologized and yet she continued on with a "next time find another place to change or the police will be called". Now, I can understand someone not wanting to see a stranger's bare ass...there have been several times I wished I could have just looked a different direction at a certain time, but a simple "excuse me, could you please change somewhere else?" might have been a little more diplomatic. I mean, this spot is often used by runners, bikers, etc to park and meet and occasionally when needed, to change. This woman used no tact, in fact, berated me as loudly and rudely as possible for something that in all seriousness was completely innocuous. I am a pretty mindful and considerate person, but she really pissed me off. I did succeed in changing (on the other side of the car), but she continued to stand near her fence and glare through the trees and bushes (because it truly was NOT a clear view) at the group of girls I was meeting for our Monday evening run. Numerous thoughts ran through my head, none of which were very friendly, but I opted to take the higher road and didn't yell out the carefully thought out obscenities I had structured into beautifully poetic hollerations. :)

Note to self, Grapevine folks don't like to see booty...so Hog better steer clear of the area for the next naked hash!

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