Monday, September 24, 2007

weekend highlights

Friday night - incredible dinner at Momo's with Mike. I love that place.
Saturday - rode CHSP (partially so I could ride, partially so Mike could check out the race course). He waited for me on trail...incredibly patient. :) I love that trail, tho. I forgot how much fun it is to ride. It's been since Lee and Gale did their nav clinic three years ago or something that I have been out there. Sheesh!
Saturday night - SAVE THE TA-TA's fundraiser :) This was a great time. Raised some $$ for the 3 day breast cancer walk and got to drink some beer and play cards. Good times.

Sunday - went out to CHSP to watch Mike and his buds race. Had a great time. Honestly, it made me miss all the races my hookers and I used to do...BUT Palo Duro next month, baby! YEAH! WOOT.

All in all, a great weekend. ;) Just wish my allergies weren't so damn bad.

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