Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Season, New Uniform...

Ahhh the temps are dropping (sorta), Halloween costumes are on the racks in the store, and I think I even saw a Thanksgiving salt and pepper shaker set on a shelf in Target. Fall is here my friends! And with that, comes a brand spankin' new hockey season. And with a new season, a new jersey style is unveiled. Mr. Modano (recent newlywed) and Sergei Zubov sport the jerseys here for our viewing pleasure. We all have high hopes for the 07-08 Dallas Stars. Here's hopin that those new jerseys (way better than their last attempt at a jersey) will inspire greatness on and off the ice.

Last night's rally against St Louis (preseason Game 1) ended with a win for Big D, but remember, its just preseason...wait till Game 1 of regular season. Then it's on like Donkey Kong. Or something.


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