Monday, July 9, 2007

Normally, my life is so jam packed with stuff to do, I rarely have time to peruse what the latest marketing gods have handed down as necessary items for living.

The past week or so, however, has saddled me with lots of free time. and the stores local to the office where I am training have become helpful time fillers and as such, sadly, I have realized all the little gadgets and things that I desperately need. (How did I survive without them?) an effort to keep myself from purchasing said items, I will list them here and explain why I do NOT need them (or why I DO need them...heheh)

1.) Aerogarden - I found this handy dandy dealio in Linen's-N-Things. Essentially, you can grow a little herb garden or tomato plant or whatever in this ingenius little hovering environment - complete with special growing lights. While I think I do need some fresh herbs and 'maters...I a) have no where to put it b) do not have $150 extra lying around and c) can barely keep my bamboo alive - much less an entire garden. - rational Becky wins this test!

2.) Pop Strainer - Silicone collapsible strainer. Again, found at Linens N Things. Space saving, cool looking, usable. I might just need to buy this. I used my super mind over purchase skills and decided that if I STILL need it next week, I will order it. :) Results of this test are still up in the air.

3.) new towels and sheets. Now these are not "gadgets" per se, but they are incredibly tempting to purchase. Rational Becky wins again, but at a cost. My towels and sheets are not great quality, nor do they all match. Sigh. Function and cost win out over what looks cool. :)

So, I am taking tomorrow off to get some stuff done around my condo and generally just enjoy the day. Have a list of items that I need to do, so I am going to post them here to sorta keep myself accountable. I will update the list to show which ones I actually accomplished:

1.) vaccuum all rooms - I friggin HATE carpet. HATE IT. Especially since I have a cat.
2.) brush Double Down and trim his claws - should be doing this every week...but have slacked. He is shedding everywhere
3.) clean the ceiling fans - my allergies are kicking...I think this is contributing
4.) super clean the bathroom - it's moderately clean now, but needs one of those ass kicking clean jobs. sigh. that means scrubbing. whee!
5.) sit by the pool with a book and a beer (or something) - if I am gonna take a day off, damn well better be some relaxing!!
6.) go to yoga...will probably try and go to the noon class...that would be good (or the 5:30 class!)
7.) organize my "desk". I really need to get a desk desk for my computer (just a laptop) and stick it in my room...I just haven't done it yet. Currently, my kitchen table is doubling as my "office" - mainly it's a catchall for mail, random shit, etc.
8.) look for some kind of sticky peel off stuff for the closet door mirrors. I hate the mirrors. they freak me out. really need to get some stuff to put on there.

Ok...well I think I can get at least SOME of that stuff done. We will see how well I do. If I only accomplish #5, it will still be a good day. HA! back to no work - here I come!

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