Thursday, March 18, 2010

Volleyball Insights...

Things I forgot (or never knew to begin with) about Volleyball:

- You use your gluteus maximus muscles a lot. Next day soreness will appear if you aren’t in good shape. (ahem)
- Forearm bruising is apparently a bi-product of under inflated volleyballs.
- Playing sand volleyball in March is great and all, but the sand at our court was very cold. Risk of hypothermia low, but numb feet is very possible.
- Losing all your games should be cause to be despondent, but playing with cool people makes it practically enjoyable
- Sand in your eye = bad news. No wonder all those overachievers wear sun glasses even after dark. Huh.
- Flailing your arms around in random patterns can actually, albeit rarely, result in a ball going over the net and scoring a point. Proof is in the pudding! (eww..that sounds gross)
- Consuming green jello shots between games does improve performance on the court. Pretty sure there is empirical evidence to support that statement.

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Jason Harx said...

I'll take freezing sand over 100 degree sand any day of the week (and twice on St. Paddy's)