Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In response to the “Was New Moon good?” messages on my Facebook page…

Well, first of all….”good” is a very subjective term. If you are watching this because you are a Twilight fan and like it in spite of the vast array of popular and not-alltogether-invalid “crap writing and acting” arguments, then you could say it is “good”. There will be cinema purists (who, for the sake of argument…shouldn’t be watching this movie anyways) critiqueing every aspect of this film and relegate it to drivel and teenage angst crapola.

I bought it after seeing it and having a soft spot for the Twilight series. Do I sometimes feel “not smart” after watching it? Yes. Do I sometimes want to stab Bella in the eye for being a whiney, self-absorbed teenager who has no concept of true heartbreak and the ability to MOVE ON? Yes. Can I help wanting to watch it? No. I even bought the 3 DVD set so I can see all the extras. I like most of the characters. I like the soundtrack (popular music, not the score…the score sucks butt on this one). I love the Cullens. There are little instances where I laugh, literally, out loud. There are other instances where I make puking noises because I sorta gag on the cheese factor and the lame attempts at acting. I LOVE the guy they cast for Aro. Love him. I think the guys they cast for Caius and Marcus suck (ha! They are vamps!), but whatever…they have minor roles. I lurve Dakota Fanning as Jane. I like the world Stephanie Meyer created, even if it was done in a ramshackle literary fashion. She created characters that I, and apparently millions of other people (not just twirly haired girls) like. So…ya know…if you like the Forks and La Push vibe, and dig the story…then you can probably soldier through it. It wasn’t as good to me as Twilight (for various reasons), and I am totally fiending for Eclipse…but I liked it.

That is my rundown on if New Moon was good. 

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