Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spin and spun out...

Last night after work, I rushed to the 24 Hour Fitness to hop in on the 6pm Spin Class.
I haven't done a spin class in a while, so I was a bit trepidatious...and anxious. I had to check in, which made me worry that the class would be packed.
It was pretty full, but not 100% capacity. Whew! The instructor, Kristi, was greatness. Good direction, motivation, and such. Before class she asked me my name and we chatted for a bit (she also commented on my dried up, muddy mountain bike After she walked to her bike at the front, the girl next to me said "you never should have told her your name!". It is true...I was her comedic foil for the next hour. ;) Its all good, worked out well for me. Call me out, I will at least give you a good punchline.

After class, yes I finished the whole class, I took my happy (albeit tired) booty home. Mike was prepping dinner (he rocks) and I was drenched in sweat. He acknowledged that unless I jumped in a fountain first before coming home, I had most definitely had a good workout. :)

A short, yet satisfying shower was had then I pulled on my jammies and curled up on the couch with my favorite person. We had burgers and ranch style beans. YUM! (and the burgers were on these kickass little thin bun thingies that you can see HERE and they ROCK!)

Ok, so burgers...check. Jammies...check. 32oz Nalgene full of water...check.

Now it is time for 24!

What? 24?!?!? It comes on Mondays, right?

Oh my technology challenged friends, let me introduce you to the EyeTV. My incredibly smart fiance has rigged our tv in such a magnificent way as to watch TV from an antenna through a computer and through this software. Its like a DVR, but you don't have to pay a monthly fee...and since we don't have cable, we wouldnt' have the option without it. It is AWESOME. This = HULU means regular tv is accessible even to people like Mike & I, who do NOT have standard schedules.

Anyhooo...we watched another 2 hr show and by the end of it, I felt even MORE spun out. Even though I left nothing in the tank when I did my spin class, somehow...24 actually made me more tired. But in a good way. It is this consistent BEATING that for some reason I love to endure. Spin class and 24 in one night? Masochistic at all? Maybe....

As Jack Bauer would say, "Dammit!".


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Good link for a review/commentary on the start of 24 this season: