Wednesday, January 27, 2010

er...yeah...don't get it

So I was driving to work this morning... (fantastic...incredible....)
On my way, there is a dry cleaner...just kinda tucked into this little, obnoxious shopping center. They now have a fancy, schmancy electronic sign with the flashing lights and stuff. You know the rectangles with red lights that will say whatever you want them to?
Anyways, apparently this one was REALLY fancy...cause it had the ability to make pictures out of all those little red dots.
What got me though, was not that they used a picture in their was the picture itself...or rather, the animated image.
They had, and I kid you not, crabs. Crabs that looked like they were crawling on the sign.
* scratches head *
Now.... I don't know what that says about the dry cleaners.... do YOU know?

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