Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Saw this on CNN. All my friends with performance wear will get a kick out of this. Plus, it sounds a little ooogie..."Sheex". Sheesh. ;) Might be cool, but I can't drop $300 to find out. And do they boost performance? (nudge nudge wink wink) Why do you need sweat wicking at night? Do they have a compression top sheet?... Do you have to wash it in a special detergent that won't mess up the fibers? Do you have to hang them to dry (cause we all know putting perfomance wear in the dryer will break it down faster)?? So many many questions.


John K said...

Ya, so many questions. Why not ask instead bloggin' out loud? Sound like a jilted prom date. And yes people do sweat at night. Ever have an insulin reaction in the middle of the night? Would be nice to have some of that sweat wicked away after you've brought your blood sugar backup and possibly save the changing of the sheets 'til morning.

Beckbee said...
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Brad from SHEEX said...

Great to see you talking about SHEEX!! SHEEX have been thoroughly tested for performance and durability and won’t pill or pull. The fabric is an ultra-soft high-gauge product and customer feedback has been exceptional.

You can wash SHEEX in cold water with your ordinary detergent, no problem. Don't use bleach, however, or fabric softener. Tumble dry low without dryer sheets. No ironing needed!

We guarantee our product and customer satisfaction.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!


John K said...

You may have hit the delete button on you response to my comments on your blog entry, so I thought I would be useful in 'our relationship' and reposting below.
Ya know...not-so-wise-ass on a useless blog posts.

Think of me during your day today.;-)
Beckbee has left a new comment on the post "SHEEX":

Ouch Mango. * insert sad face *

Yep. Blogging out loud.

But...didn't know about the blood sugar deal, I was mainly being a not-so-wise-ass. :)

I should really make my posts more useful.

How timely... useless blog posts

"My blog is about me doing something nice for you, and then, in turn, you doing something nice for me, by talking about what I want to talk about. But if I am not trying to be useful to you in some way, then I’m not really in a relationship with you. I'm just writing like it's my diary.

There is something really fulfilling about being useful. So here's my tip: You should be useful to readers each time you post. It feels better. For everyone."

Beckbee said...

Honestly, John K...I am not sure which John K you are. :( At first I thought you were my friend Mango, but then I was totally not finding the normal jest of his responses and/or posts.

Do I know you? (Is this Deadhead??) Or are you a random blog reader who found this whilst looking for free porn? :) Just checking.

@ for the info. I would be MORE than happy to test out a set of the sheets and blog about their awesomeness (if in fact they are awesome) on my blog and link to my Twitter and Facebook if you would like to send me a set!

Be forewarned though, if they are just not enough to curl my toes...I will be honest. But I am all about testing them out as I love performance fabrics (I have a closet full of running and biking gear). So...let me know if you would like a random adventure tester in North Texas :)

John K said...

Awww, you got me...just a random blog reader who found this whilst looking for free porn. I saw your pick and I'm not quite sure how you tied porn to your blog? But, your imagination not mine. Needless to say, searching for free porn just doesn't have the appeal it once did. In fact, it kinda creeps(shiver) me out, now! :o