Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So its been almost a month....

Since I last posted. I am sorry, to the two people who read this regularly :)

So....what happened? Welp, here's the low-down on my super exciting two weeks as an insurance claims adjuster:
I got on all sorts of roofs, estimated damage on homes, lost 8lbs (because I wasn't eating very much), discovered that a bag of Cheez-Its can be considered lunch, drove all over Houston and Spring, TX, developed a taste for coffee, had a guy yell at me cause I didn't think he needed a new roof, still have people calling me on my cell phone, went to two Irish pubs with Sam and Bryan, and found out that I am pretty adept at using Xactimate software. I did pretty well at the job, even have my team leaders thinking so, but I didn't like being away from home and missing my life.
So I am back. Yes, it was only two weeks...but it felt like ages. I am very happy to be home and I am currently on the hunt for a new job-ola. If you happen to know of anything or anyone looking, hollah :)
I am beckbee at that gmail thing....hehehe



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