Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A debate worth having....

I have been engaged in a turmoil of sorts. While I think one side has qualities and meets the needs of a large demographic, the other side has been my stalwart companion and go-to source of support for many years.

The root of such turmoil? Which lip moisturizer product really is better for my soul, my planet, and last but not least...my LIPS?

The standard: Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer. The challenger: 100% Free Range Chicken Poop (contains no poop)

Why is this a true debate or source of anxiety? Well, lately I have been pulled by the desire to ditch the old Lip Shimmers and commit (gasp) to the one black and white tube of lip slathering greatness that is Chicken Poop.

CP has no color, and is therefore not a source of aesthetic enhancement. It doesn't make my lips tingle. But somehow, lurking in the midst of these...well...what some would call inadequacies, I find myself clinging desperately to the simplicity and gentle lavender greatness that CP has to offer. Burt's Bees has the color, they have the lip tingle...but I think it actually dries out my lips. Isn't that contrary to what it is supposed to do? I had a purchasing addiction with the BB. Every time I saw a display with an array of Lip Shimmers...I had to buy one. April and Maribel understand this urge and complete lack of fiscal responsibility. You know you buy them every chance you get. You need another Guava...or perhaps its the Nutmeg this time? I was able to rationalize buying three or four of these tubes of "crack for your lips" even if I had three or four in my purse.

It's a sickness.

I now see what I have to do. I have to move forward. I have to let the days of Lip Shimmer pass. Sometimes, simple is the best. My lips are moist and happy with the Chicken Poop. I have no need for anything beyond what it is. I am content. I release myself of the ties that Burt's Bees had placed on my soul.

Sigh. So what do I do with the 16 tubes of Lip Shimmer I have?


KK said...

Are any of those lip shimmer still unopened? Stick them in with some other health products when you make a donation to a women's shelter.

If they are opened, man, have fun with them. Set 'em on fire to see how they melt! Why not!?

Beckbee said...

hahahhaha girl you crazy....none of them are unopened. As soon as I buy them, I slather that crap on my lips. LOL Good idea tho.