Sunday, September 28, 2008

the waiting sucks, but the storm's about to hit...

I am down in Houston. Yesterday I got all geared up, sat through endless hours of classes and setup info sessions, and then came home and had dinner with my friend Samantha. She is VERY kindly letting me stay with her until I figure out what to do next. THANK YOU GIRL!

There are many possibilities for where I will actually be assigned. One is Houston proper, one is Lufkin, one is Sugarland. The possibility for being located in a completely different area is out there too. So, I have no idea where I will be tomorrow. Part of that is exciting, but mostly I am just waiting. Waiting waiting waiting.

Next step will be to find out where I am assigned. Depending on location, I may need to start a search for hotel rooms near the office. If it is in Houston, or one of the surrounding suburbs, I might stay with Sam a bit longer while I figure out what other housing options are available. If it is in Lufkin, at least I could come home more. But....we will see! I am just hoping (and assuming) they won't tell me I need to go up to Ohio or Tennessee...I mean, I am already here! sigh

After that, it sounds like I will be immediately assigned my own claims. I thought I would get to shadow someone for a few days, but apparently that is not the case. Soooooo trial by fire. "Here's all your stuff, go do claims". Luckily I am not scared to ask questions and ask someone to double check my work!! hehehe

Aside from that...
My allergies are still kicking.
I miss Mike.
I am not used to getting up at 5:30am. Kinda sucks. But I am sure my internal clock will adjust. Get ready Mike...when I come home, we are gonna be getting up early again! heheheheh

Love you guys, many hugs...will post again soon.


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