Tuesday, June 1, 2010


We had an amazing weekend out at Camp Clear Fork this past weekend. The folks from DORBA are always fun to hang out with, it is very well organized, the food is KICKASS, and the energy is infectious. Everyone just wants to play outside (mostly on a bike) and just kinda chill. I dig that.
This weekend was also, in a sense, a recon trip for me. Since Mike and I are getting married out at Camp Clear Fork...we needed to get a better idea of what we had to work with. I took tons of pictures and videos to help plan, but really...I don't think there is TOO much for me to worry about. My biggest concerns are deciding on a dress (really doing the full-on wedding gown? Dunno), picking a photographer (gah! expensive. in love with one, but can't afford...and hoping my good pal can help me with a hookup on another one), and designing/sending out invites.

After being there this weekend, I can honestly say....we made the right decision. It is the perfect location for our intimate, sweet, very personal exchange of vows and public lifetime commitment. I couldn't be happier about it all. :)

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