Friday, February 19, 2010

social media

Much has been said about the importance of social media, its ability to connect, and the lack of privacy online.
One thing I have learned in this whirlwind of "Add me" options, is that the information out in the by most accounts, controllable by you. You can choose to "live out loud", or protect your identity as best is available. One of the most powerful tools is the decision to add or include people in your social media world.

Who you choose to let into your little world...frankly is at your fingertips.
One of my favorite bloggers recently had a post about social media and relationships. While the bulk of this blog was about how meeting someone online can (or won't) turn into a "real life" friendship or relationship, it reminded me of how certain "real life" bonds you have...frankly don't belong in your social media world.

Wha?? If I know you, I don't want to be your FRIEND on Facebook?? Come on...hear me out now.

I have ignored some friend requests, as I am sure some of you have, because I didn't feel I wanted that certain relationship social media-ized. Some of you on here may think "why did she want me on here, then? what does that mean?". It could mean a multitude of things. It doesn't mean I like you does not mean I dislike those people...I just have my reasons. For some, honestly...your lives inspire and intrigue me. I like to soak up what I can from you, and toss ideas back and forth. I dig the tribal discussion.

With that being said, to me, it is like when I go to a happy hour with my running friends (you know who you are). Some people would get it, some people wouldn't. Its all about what each party gets from the situation. There are people who have embraced the joy of games on Facebook. I don't want to tell you how to have fun, but I don't enjoy all those I choose to either block the game, or not "friend" the person. It isn't is about how we want to leverage the social media. People who use it purely for Go on with your bad self. But I probably won't follow all of your posts either (even if you are my friend in real life). People (like me) who update all the time with random stuff might drive you crazy. I don't take it as personally offensive when I am called out about it (Shine..hehehe) or blocked. Everyone expresses themselves differently. I embrace that. Be you. I will be me. At the end of the day, if we are real life buddies, most likely we will be A-ok...cause our relationship isn't truly based on status updates and/or "why didn't you add me to your mafia clan?".

:) Just my $0.02

Hugs, kisses and all that jazz...



Anonymous said...

I totally agree. There are lots of people in my life who I'd rather not have in my social media life. BUT I have one particular coworker who gets all butt hurt about it and tends to find me EVERYWHERE.

I rarely post where I'm going to be on my blog, and most of my friends thought I was paranoid, but then last week, I posted a location for our meet-up and YEP, dude who reads my blog showed up and stared at me for two hours. AWKWARD.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and seriously...Farmville and Mafia Wars can die. A slow painful death.