Monday, February 22, 2010

Not to brag or anything :)

....but my fiancee is a rockstar. Maybe not a traditional rockstar, like Steven Tyler or Alice Cooper (ick), but a creative/technical/culinary ass-kicker.


Not only did he build (and is constantly updating to make it better) our wedding website (yeah, it has forums!), he also helped come up with the idea of where we should tie the knot. Ok, he suggested it. I thought about it, then tucked it away...then he mentioned it and it all of the sudden made absolute sense. It should be the perfect spot for a rockin' good time. You might be asking... "where is this mystical place of joy, Becky?". Well, nestled in the trees and boundless beauty of the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas, there is a fabulous place called Camp Clearfork. It is a group use camp with cabins and a lake and a dining hall. It will be the location for Wedding Camp 2010 (we haven't officially made that the title, but it sounds festive, no?). We will most likely have a pretty small group, but man...what a weekend we will have!

Ok, so he can build websites. And think of awesome wedding locations. What else can he do to qualify as a "rockstar"?

He cooks. Not just Hamburger Helper (which he won't make, actually...cause it is in a box), but full-on culinary feasts. Whether it is steak (yum!), brussel sprouts (yum yum!), pork loins (hehehe hehehe) or last night's amazing rotisserie chicken, we are ALWAYS eating well. And he has friends who can make good foods too (Who knew kale + avocado + blueberries + lemon juice = greatness?).

Anyhoo...I just had to take a moment and share some of the greatness that is Mike. There are tons of other reasons he is a rockstar, but these are just a handful I wanted to highlight today.


Azura said...

I love, love, love the Wedding Camp 2010 idea. Great location!

Beckbee said...

:) We are stoked!