Wednesday, April 8, 2009

morning of weird

I realized, as I drove away from my house this morning, that I was
dangerously low on gas. I checked my "how far can I go before my car
dies" digital display and it indicated I had about 13 miles. There is
a gas station on Coit, sorta on my way, that has cheap I
decided to go there. After pulling into the station and going through
the credit card scans and nozzle placing, a guy with a thick accent
comes up and starts to wash my windows. Trying to be nice, I say "oh
no thank you, I don't want my windows washed". (I had to say want,
because if I said "need"...we might have ended up in an argument over
the caked on Bar H dust I still have yet to clean off my car from this
past weekend) He said "is ok, is ok". I shook my head and continued
trying to get the pump to work so I could bolt. The pump would not
work, so I went inside and asked the guy behind the counter if there
was a magical trick involved. He said no...but apparently you DO have
to jam the nozzle in to your gas tank hole incredibly hard so the
anti-smog gremlins can get the fumes. Sigh. Fine. I go back out and
the guy is still trying to washing my windows. He says something to me
I can't understand and I again shake my head and say "No thanks, I
don't WANT my windows washed....and, I have no cash". So the guy
starts digging around in his pockets and pulls out some coins. I am
beyond confused. Is he trying to give ME money, or is he trying to
indicate in a not-so-subtle way that I am an idiot and don't know what
money is? Finally, I get the pump to work and crank out $10 worth of
gas (not as much as I could have gotten a few months ago...grr!) I
place the nozzle back in its nasty holder and close up the gas tank
and tell the guy, STILL washing my windows "goodbye, I have to go". At
the same time, an interesting looking lady who I am assuming frequents
that gas station often, got out of her car and said "No Abdul, the
lady said she doesn't want her windows cleaned." He shrugged and
shuffled off. Where was this woman fifteen minutes ago? Argh. Getting
back in my car, I am unable to resist the urge to check all my pockets
and purse and belongings. How paranoid am I? Well...knowing that there
have been so many car-jackings and weird muggings lately, I think I am
just paranoid enough.

More weirdness: I get to work and unload all of my stuff. I am proud
because I brought my breakfast (instant oatmeal, a banana, and a
little serving of milk). I get my oatmeal fixed up and ready to eat
and pour myself a nice cup of coffee. I bring it all back to my desk
and begin to pour a bit of my milk in the coffee....and little chunks
appear. BOOO. Ok, so maybe the coffee is SO hot it immediately cooked
the milk? No. There are chunky bits of whatever floating in my
milk...and the expiration date is like 5 days away. Ugh. So now I
need more coffee and my oatmeal is getting cold. I got a new cup of
coffee, chunked the nasty milk and half of the oatmeal.

Things are ok so far now... :)

"Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from
bad judgment." - Rita Mae Brown

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