Monday, March 23, 2009

An Ode to Joy…

Well, I know at least one person will appreciate this post.
Rachel, this one is for you.

Saturday AM, I had plans to meet up with my sister and cousin to go
get our most coveted Twilight DVD set (3 disc set with a code to
download the digital copy of the movie and all special features on
Itunes!!) from Target. They wanted to go at like, 7am. I woke up
around 5:30, heard my text alerts and responded. "I am bailing…sleep
is important. Will buy it later today".

They were upset, but I am sure they understood. I finally woke up
around 8:30 and had a fantastic breakfast with my honey. We talked
about what the day was to hold for us and how we would go about
getting everything done. He was going to go ride with friends in Ft
Worth, and I had some errands to run and hookers to meet for drinks.
(Hookers = close friends)

I had to go to Target ANYWAYS to get cleaning crap, cat food, etc. So,
I just happened to pick up my Special Edition Twilight DVD. I got
home, kissed Mike goodbye on his way to his ride...unloaded part of my
supplies from Target…and then ripped the DVD open and curled up on the
couch to feed the frenzy. It was greatness. I am lucky enough to have
a technofile boyfriend who insists on a HUGE flat screen. Ahhh..and
the sound system. I am extremely grateful for this I enjoyed the
movie, then packed myself up and went to meet Lauren and Cheryl for
drinks on the patio at Nate's. We imbibed a few ice cold beers, downed
some crawfish, dirty rice, gumbo, etc. I am pretty sure we were there
for about four or five hours. We had an excellent time. Joey even
came out and joined us. That night, Mike made fish tacos that were…as
usual, greatness! Lauren came by too and we watched the HD version of
Twilight (that Mike so kindly rented for us from Itunes). Heheheh I
think he even liked it, but I doubt he will admit it. After the
movie, I loaded Lauren up with the books and a strong urging to READ

Sunday AM was frought with confusion and irritation on my part. Some
plans fell through, for various reasons, and then the rest of the day
just sorta grew out of that. Mike rode around the lake. I did laundry
and cleaned up the house a bit. We scooted down to the Dubliner to
meet the other scooter folk. It was the Mods vs Rockers weekend and we
didn't even make it to the "real" event. The Dubliner was PACKED. We
stayed for a while, I got mildly sun tinged and we finally ate at
Quesa-D-Yas. It was actually pretty good. We will prolly order for
delivery some time. We went home, Mike went to a meeting, I watched
my special features DVD and found the one scene that made it all worth
while. A deleted scene with Esme and Carlisle. LOVED It. Anyways,
Mike got home, we watched Milk and ate red beans & rice, then went to

A great weekend. Sigh.

"Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from
bad judgment." - Rita Mae Brown

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shine said...

Hehe. I'm still wishing you had gotten dressed up for the 12:01 am release. :-)