Saturday, March 28, 2009


My yoga instructor has decided to share her personal DETOX program with people who attend her class. I went to the info session/class today and decided I would embark on a new journey and try it. Starting next Sunday, I will be focusing my attention on detoxifying my body for 6 weeks. I will blog about it. I will probably vent about it. But I am excited about it. No alcohol, no caffeine, no added sugar or salt. Its a pretty strict diet and tapers to where I think for one full week, I am pretty much on a liquid diet. Oy!
Why? lots of reasons...but mainly I want to try something good for my body to kick start the spring/summer season. Side effects may include weight loss...which is also a nice bonus.

Ah. I will tell you all about my journey once it starts. till then...I will have cheese, wine, beer and bad food. :)

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shine said...

I did something like this once...I was very very grumpy. Good luck!

Oh, and good call on waiting until after next weekend to start. :-)