Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday, friggin Monday

Sadly, Bono has ignored my calls for a new song by that title. :)

My scoot to work this morning was good. Good being a bland term to describe a ride that was better than driving to work, but marred by consistent sneezing and watery eyes associated with seasonal allergies. I love my home state.

I got to work a bit early and set to plotting out my work flow for the day. Not a whole lot on my plate (early to mid month in this business is usually pretty slow) and I was able to look up some important information.

I have set about the task to start submitting some snippets of writing to local publications to possibly start freelance writing in my free time. Will this lead to any compensation or glamour? I highly doubt it. But it is a challenge and an exciting prospect, nonetheless.

As I seem to find common in "How To's" and "Suggestions on How to Make it as a Freelance Writer" columns and blogs, they seem to insist you focus your writing on something you have a substantial knowledge base for (or at least, are passionate about). In an effort to make a tangible start to my quest for freelance abandon, I will list these things that I know "alot" about. If you happen to think of something I could add to the list, feel free to comment. I am all ears.

- Mortgage Madness: if I were to blog on this topic, I would have to be EXTREMELY careful. Working for a local law firm on-site with a lender, I have to maintain client confidentiality, etc etc. Generic mortgage musings could be whittled into consumable bits of info, however. I am not as knowledgable in products and RESPA and all that crap as some, but I get it. This business is what it is.

- Adventure Stuff: I am not a finely tuned athlete. My friends and I joke that we run/bike/whatever to eat and drink beer. This is only partially true. We also do it because its fun. Even if we occasionally suck at it and/or are last in our respective races, we make an effort to incorporate physical activity into our lives on a regular basis.

- Scootin: I am new to the scooter world. I think I would be dubbed, if I get the lingo right, as a "mod". I do find the culture fascinating, and as a chick - have a window into an interesting world in which a shockingly low number of females are present (or at least, it seems that way to me).

- Food/Drink (specifically beer and cheese): While not a Food Network gourmet, I have a deep and abiding affection for nibbles and bubbles. I could write about the flavors of cheese all day. If only the scales would allow me to eat it all day. And beer! I love me some beer.

So, should I narrow down my interests? Or should I do a shot-gun, scatter-shot attempt at several?

Ah, there's the rub. I have taken a baby step toward my goal. Now I just gotta keep going.

Suggestions welcome! (but only positive, constructive or highly complimentary...hahah)

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