Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I walked at lunch today...

Do you have those times when you are seriously overwhelmed with thoughts?
I just walked around the parking garage and then sat down on the smoker's bench for a while trying to work out my lunch and to relax my body (sore from the yoga class I attended last night).

Here is a jumbled list of things that wafted in and out of my brain as I strolled:

- my next tattoo: do I really want one? if so, where do I want it? When do I want to get it? What do I want to get?
- work: what is best for me? what do I really want to do? should I just work harder at what I am doing right now? it has gotten less stressful...but I am still concerned that processes look like they could be cleaner and I am not sure who to talk to or even how to present it...
- I need to be better about my eating, the last week and a half has been bad and I have actually gained back a few pounds. not meeting my goals - must stay on top of this.
- I want to go home...this day is long...its hot outside...
- Its frustrating to me that people speak in two languages about one business practice. What I am saying is not that hard to understand, but when you are so entrenched in an idea specific to one thing - you limit yourself in terms of growth and success. Let go of the way you do it there, and open your eyes to the way people make it work in other places. Here, I will hold your hand...I will even draw you pictures if I have to.
- Mike is wonderful and he makes me smile, even when he isn't right beside me. :)

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