Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Ah...I know what you are thinking. It's a best of 7. They have one more game at least to play.

I am sorry. The Stars deserved to lose all three games...and unless some miraculous, slick, Jeff-K produced pregame videos inspire actual HOCKEY playing from the Stars...this series is over.

The stats are WAY against us, the effort on the ice is against us. If I was a betting person...I would bet for Detroit to sweep and end my suffering.

I didn't even watch the last part of the game after the 5th goal by Detroit.

I am disgusted. You get to the Western Conference Finals and decide to play junior league hockey against the best team money can put together in a self-annointed "Hockey Town". Please.

Dust off your golf clubs boys...its gonna be a painful summer.


trishka said...

Glad you didn't place that bet? We get one more game to watch and on a Saturday afternoon.

KK said...

So are you watching tonight? :)

Beckbee said...

heheh yeah. they decided to give us two more games of good hockey before bowing out. Alas...