Thursday, February 14, 2008

ohh that was stoopid. :)

So, I forge ahead with my "getting back in shape" plan. I am using again to log my food and exercise (more WORK as Mike puts it), and trying to stay within the alloted suggested calories for each day. I am trying to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. (Side note, I LOVE I really do. I think I have been most successful with weight loss and getting back into a healthy eating plan when I use it. They have TONS of information available, forums and blogs - so I can rant and rave about my weight loss trip without wearing you folks down - and they have the great food/exercise diary that makes it SOO much easier to log the calories in/out.)

So today, I go to the gym on my lunch break and think WOO HOO...I am actually excited about jogging today. I jogged yesterday for a full 30 minutes and was pretty happy with myself (seeing as how I haven't been jogging AT ALL). So I am getting dressed for my workout when I realize, oh sh!t-fire! I didn't bring socks. This couldn't stop me, though...I continued ahead and did my 30 minute jog. Overall, it wasn't bad. But I know I have the beginnings of some MEAN blisters. oy.


In non-fitness related news, the end button my phone is yet again not working. This means in order for me to hang up...I have to un-do the battery. SHEESH. Guess I need to go by Verizon and see if they can fix it.


I also have mixed up some henna for shits and giggles. I have been adorning my feet and hopefully I will work out a flow when I get the henna bottles out. YAY!!!

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