Thursday, February 14, 2008

maybe I am way off base here...

This is a response I sent my friend in Oklahoma about our Democratic nominees...

Ok, so I am gonna take a chance and reply to this.

I think you must be watching only one media source. Plenty of news outlets (Fox News being the main one) are taking pot shots at both Obama and Hillary. They have pulled up insignificant incidents and blown them out of proportion. This is pretty much safe to say on both accounts. Thinking that only one is getting slammed in the media is a mistake. (See where people are showing un-official campaign headquarters for Obama where a lady has a Che Gueverra banner hanging, or check out where people are hurling "he isn't patriotic" rants at him for not covering his heart when God Bless America was being played at an event, or check out where people are saying he was sworn into the Senate on a copy of the Koran as opposed the Bible - which is false, btw.)

In all honesty, I think between the two...Obama has a better chance of winning against McCain. McCain is liberal enough to get the Dem Hillary haters to swing and vote for him. (I mean, conservatives are up in arms because he isn't "conservative enough" - trust me, some Dems will roll and vote for him instead) And then there are republicans who don't see McCain as a real option and feel some kind of hope when they think of Obama as pres (my parents being a good example).

All candidates deserve our respect right now. The firefights they have to endure are ridiculous. Our country expects our public servants (namely people in office) to be damn near Saint-Like. Good luck finding a human without error. Every error, especially in a presidential election will be highlighted, slapped on the cover of a newspaper and plastered on tv. NO ONE is safe. Hillary has to deal with all those things, but Obama has to deal with other issues as well. He has to deal with whether or not he is black enough with African-Americans or if he is able to distance himself from race or if he is competent to lead. Trust me, every candidate out there is daily fighting to show why they are valuable as a possible president.

You should actually take a look at the polls again. Barack Obama has a large percentage of mid-age, college educated, high income white males as well as chopping away at the woman's vote. I think you need to take into consideration that he is providing a message of hope, but he also has plans to enact and follow through on the ideals he is presenting. I do not believe it is all smoke screens. He presents a message of positivity that I think our country is in dire need of...but even above that, he has voted and showed in his state senate and US Senate tenure that he is solid in his beliefs and he is dedicated to the American people.

If you want to know why I want to veer away from Hillary, it mainly comes to money. She has been so close to Big Corporations and special interest groups, that I don't know if she really represents and serves the middle americans (you and me). I think out of the two of them, she will be more likely to bow to pressure from big corporations and serve them if she is elected. Yes, Obama is a millionaire...but I think his journey so far has shown him to be a man of the people.

I really don't want someone who is gender motivated (there are alot of women who want to vote for her simply because she has a vagina..) or naive enough to think that Obama doesn't have the know-how, guts or determination - to pick my next president.

Just my $0.02.

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From: Scott
Date: Feb 13, 2008 7:52 PM

If this makes any sense to you please feel free to repost.

The media has done everything possible to sling mud at the Clintons while making Obama shine. While he does have a dream of a changed America the truth is that one man alone cannot change our government unless they overthrow it and begin a new one. We need someone who has the right idea while still able to play the political game. That person is not Obama at this time. Maybe in another 8 years, but not now. The media is infamous for leaning Republican, do you think it would care if Obama was rolled by McCain?

HIllary also deserves a little respect in that she has been hit with everything-from her husband's past behavior (not unlike many other presidents before him). Also she is fighting the stigma that a woman can't do the job due to the fact she loaned her campaign $5M-and she still holds her head up and continues. That is the kind of president I want representing me. She has the best interests in this country at heart. She's believe's in our future and our children that are our future. She has worked hard for their cause and ours for a very, very long time. I don't know what Obama was doing 35 years ago.

Honestly, when you look at alot of Barack Obamas strength at the polls it falls to college students in densely populated areas, a racial slant from African Americans, and the blind non-thinking Change for the sake of it crowd. I really don't care for students or someone who is racially motivated or the "Change is good" lemming crowd picking my next presidental canidate, do you?

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