Friday, November 2, 2007

out with the old...

When I first bought the Motorola Q, I honestly did so in an act of haste. I desperately needed a new phone and despite my nagging suspicion that I was spending far too much money on it, I decided to get the snazzy Windows based "smart phone". Sadly, it hasn't lived up to its promises and it is time to part ways. I am upgrading to the LG enV and should get it in 2-5 business days.

In many ways, this is an act of release and freedom from a world I never should have entered. I don't need the data plan. I don't need or want to be able to access my email on my phone at this time. Whatever I need, I can get through voice or unlimited text messaging :)

So. I think this is a positive move for my future happiness. And, it's orange. Far cuter than the boring silver, scratched up face of the Moto Q. Adios Moto.

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