Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I just got an email from my yoga instructor. She is such an incredible spirit. Being at the studio really adjusts my attitude and my body. I want to make my visits there more frequent.

It was raining when morning struck today. Part of me was happy. I love the sound of the rain and how it feels like all the muck and stress of life is washed away from the face of the planet with a gentle trickle. Part of me was just hoping Mike stayed dry, safe, and warm on his way to work. :)

** disclaimer: the following is a random thought provoked by Myspace surfing. I happened upon the page of a friend of a friend...and got to thinking. dangerous! **

I have noticed a tendency of some people who I have met in my life to attach themselves to others who have serious emotional needs. They almost are like those sharks that just kinda glide through the ocean and let the parasitic feeder fishes tag on for the ride and pick up the scraps of food and victories along the way. That is almost way too harsh of an analogy, but then I realize that at some point...I very well may have been one of those feeder fishes just waiting for my next emotional feeding. While this is all very much a "circle of life" and food chain concept, perhaps improperly aimed at illustrating a relationship, I think it pretty well sums up how some people live. I mean, the little feeder fish get the benefit of the scraps from the shark - plus the protection of having a large predator at your side, maybe not protecting you outright, but unavoidably providing some level of comfort that another, perhaps smaller predator will back away from. Sometimes, the sharks may not be that bright, or even that safe to be around...but still the feeder fish feel that they are better off attaching themselves to this source of energy. Venturing out on your own could mean getting lost, getting eaten, or just not finding any food of your own. Some would ask, "why is that such a bad thing?". I don't have an answer for that. I just worry about people who become dependent on others for their emotional well being. Living off scraps, encasing yourself in a false sense of just doesn't seem like a good idea to me. I am not saying I haven't ever had those moments. I am saying that I would like to make an everyday effort to not only strengthen those relationships with others, but to make a conscious effort to build the relationship I have with myself into a solid foundation with which to move forward.

Things I am jazzed about:

* Charlotte's Wedding this weekend - 'bout time she and Jerald with a J get hitched.
* Mike's race - it will be fun to watch him out there kicking booty (I hope the weather actually participates)
* ACL - 9/14-9/17 Very excited about the weekend full of music and fun. One of my favorite events of the year.
* the twins. they really are perfect. :)
* the Lion King on 9/30. Last show of the season, KK. What're we gonna do?? :o)

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