Monday, August 20, 2007

it's been a while...

Since I have posted. Sigh. I am sorry!
I am bouncing between my Myspace blog and this one...even though I said I was done with the other one. :) Got alot of peeps on that site that I have to keep updated, right? :) much is going on. CJ is getting much closer to her due date. Actually she is going to meet with her doctor today...anxious to hear what they said. Went to visit her and the rest of the fam in Houston over the weekend. It was a great time. I needed some family connection, ya know? I miss my sister and my mom.

Bike hashed yesterday...great times! I actually will be the hare (which means they actually picked Mike but thought I would look better in the jersey) for the September bike hash. WOOT

Suze is back from her long vacation. THANK GOODNESS....I am hitting yoga tonight...I didn't go at all last week and I can feel it. grrr


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