Wednesday, July 18, 2007

something new to try

Some of you know I have these strange ideas for goals or resolutions. One of which is my "try something new or that I am scared of every month". line with such an adventurous theme, I am going to try something semi-artsy and probably pretty difficult to stay on top of - 365 days of photos. Essentially, you take a picture every day and post it. I probably will do the posting on my Flickr account, but will post some of the more interesting ones here. Started on 7/18 :)

Here is a little writeup about it.

Here is my picture for day 1:

As for the every month trying something new dealio, I should start that this month. I guess one of the best ways to get started with that is to start compiling a list of things I am afraid of or haven't done (just as a starting doesn't HAVE to be on my list).

1.) bats - terrified of bats. one month I am gonna go down to Austin and see the bats at the Congress St bridge. (maybe Sept for ACL Fest)
2.) going downhill fast on my MTB - mainly this is a confidence issue. I need to get more time on my bike so I am not so trepidatious. Worrying so much takes away from the fun of riding...and honestly, makes you stiffen your body - which probably adds to the danger level. this will be an ongoing deal..not just a one time, so I can't really count it...nevermind. heheh
3.) run/walk a 50k. Hoping to complete my first in October. :) Woot. Palo Duro, here I come....I am hoping I can complete this and NOT be totally beat down by the end. I will then be an official ultra runner. (even if I walk most of it. HA!)
4.) make a pie. I still haven't done this. will find a recipe online. :)

I will add to the list as time goes by...or just as life throws me stuff. Like I said, feel free to suggest ideas...I will take 'em!

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