Friday, July 20, 2007

the simple things

Technology is supposed to make our lives more efficient, simpler...faster...more enjoyable.

:) till the shit breaks. or you can't figure it out. then it becomezz a cluster of infinite proportions.

I have to say there are times when I am so incredibly thankful I can't use a computer or my cell phone or even have to see a TV. While I enjoy technology and appreciate its place in our sometimes wears me out. Maybe it is just the way I feel today (dull throbbing headache and moderate physical exhaustion), but I am just frustrated with my sad attempts to make seemingly elementary programs function to my advantage. Note that I very plainly said "my sad attempts". It is not the computer's fault, nor is it the programmer's fault who developed the software. It is all user error, and I realize this. ID10T. :) ah well. I will figure it out...or not...and continue to move on.

Posted Day 2's pic on flickr. hehehe Anyone who has seen the commercials or billboards for Stratos (on NW HWY in Dallas) will get a kick out of this -

OPA! Damn, that makes me want to drink Greek beer and eat souvlaki. yum. :)

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