Friday, December 25, 2009

The Engagement Story

I am sure I won't get all the details right, as I am pretty sure I am still a little "high" from the excitement....but this is a recount of a most amazing Christmas Eve surprise....

Every Christmas Eve, my family gets together at my parents' house. We bring food and drink, exchange gifts, and dance to the Dallas Cowboys Christmas tape. Well this year, my sister decided that instead of a White Elephant exchange for the adults, we would draw names and buy for one person specifically. As luck would have it, and it seriously wasn't planned, Mike drew my name.

We went through the gift exchange with the standard fan fare and fun. It seemed like everyone was getting their name called except for Mike and I. Finally, they called that Mike needed to give me my gift.

He handed me an REI bag (always a good sign) and in it I found an ammo box. I thought it was a tackle box, but I have since been corrected. :) In the tackle box, I found an assortment of items and a list of instructions for the "Life Survival Kit". It says "Read the list of items aloud, one by one, while holding up each item for everyone to see."

Luckily, I follow instructions well. The list is as follows:
  1. Hacky-Sack: because play is mandatory
  2. Salt and Pepper - because life needs spice
  3. Compass - because sometimes we need some direction
  4. Whistle - to be sure we are heard
  5. Soap - because if life is not dirty, the dishes likely are
  6. A ball of rubber bands - because they should always be in a ball
  7. Matches - because you need a fire in order to cook
  8. A fishing kit - because sushi is good even if you can't get the fire started!
  9. Cheese - because is it really life if there is no cheese?
  10. Tic-Tacs - because sushi and cheese can give you bad breath
  11. Survival Blanket - for those rainy days
  12. Duct Tape - to patch the inevitable holes in the survival blanket
  13. A Mirror - it's unbreakable for good luck, even if it's number 13 on the list
  14. Burt's Bees Body Essentials - who says we're roughing it?
  15. Chocolate - because there has to be something good in this box
  16. Instant Coffee - Ok, you can use this to barter with almost anyone
  17. First Aid Kit - in case you do get the fire lit
  18. Wet Ones - a shower is not always available
  19. Lexan Wine Glasses - because life always has something to celebrate
  20. SmartWool Socks - because like you, they are the very best
By the time I got to the SmartWool socks, I knew Mike had already exceeded the $20 limit for the gift exchange. :) Then he said "There is one more thing and it is hidden in the sock."

I picked up the socks and felt around to find which one held my final gift. You can't mistake the shape of a ring box...and I felt my heart leap. After much wrangling about, I finally pulled a small black velvet box out of the toe of one of my brand new hiking socks. I opened the box with shaking hands and literally couldn't breathe when I saw the ring. I looked at Mike and he said "Will You Marry Me?". I gathered what breath I had left and replied "YES!!"It was an amazing proposal. I was surrounded by my family, had the most amazing guy in the world asking for my hand...and on that hand, I now have a sparkling diamond.


CliffordBRD said...

1. One the better proposal stories I have ever heard.
2. And naturally it was better than what I did.

trishka said...

How fabulous! Mike did a most excellent job, thank you for sharing.

Congratulations again!

SandiC said...

Congrats Becky!! You are Mike are so lucky to have found each other.

Unknown said...

wow, that is a great!! i am in tears! I am so happy for you Becky!!! Congratulations!!!!

Deb and Lynda Carol said...

That was the most original and creative proposal we have ever seen. We laughed and teared up at the same time. Mike seems pretty amazing! Congratulations and all the Best in the future.

Beckbee said...

Thanks all! I couldn't be happier. I truly have found the guy who knocks my socks off...and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him. :)

katlanta said...


And he used socks to knock your socks off! Who saw that coming!?