Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon - a brief review

******Warning...there are spoilers in this blog posting. If you don't know the story and want to wait till you see it, or don't want any heads up on some details, don't read. ********

I apologize up front, because I am exhausted. I should know by now that I am too old to stay up until 3am and still try to get up on time for work. Ha!

But, I promised a blog about New Moon today...and I am a girl who keeps her promises. (usually....hehe)

Ok, so here ya go. My review will actually be in a bullet point format...because I am too lazy right now to be more eloquent and structure a potentially tasty literary masterpiece of a blog entry. Fair enough? Good. Read on my friends...

  • Best way to watch a midnight showing of any new release: Apparently, that would be a charity screening where 95% of the audience is old enough to buy beer. I am just sayin'. Not having to "shhh!" and "seriously, can you shut UP?!" during the film...well, that is worth it's weight in GOLD my friends! There were maybe, er...6 teenagers in that audience and since they were surrounded by us old biddies, they were less likely to be complete morons. I enjoyed the audience as much as the movie...and for a midnight showing, I do believe that is a FIRST.
  • I got my pic in Bella's truck. I had to take it on my Canon, then I realized I couldn't immediately twitpic I took my iPhone, aimed it at the little LCD screen and took a pic of the pic. Genius, isn't it?

  • The score sucked. I am sorry, it did. Why they didn't use the same guy who did the score in Twilight, I don't know...but the person they chose this time used really cheesy horror flick music (or at least, it sounded like that to me). The soundtrack was allright...but didn't inspire me to go home and download it on iTunes.
  • Aside from the music, the rest of the movie was pretty good. The CGI was allright with the wolves....sometimes they looked more real than others, but what they couldn't make up for in realistic visuals...they added some killer sound effects that shook your chest. I did like the wolf pack, well casted. And Jacob...lemme tell ya. His hard work is mucho appreciated by the ladies who attended the movie last night. Uh Huh.
  • The Volturi: For the most part, loved them. Dakota Fanning TOTALLY nailed the role of Jane. And the guy who played He was genius. (does anyone else find it odd that he played a werewolf in another movie, and then all the sudden he is playing vampire royalty? hmmm) My only beef with the V, Caius I thought, could have been casted could Felix. But overall, well done. The transition between scenes after they left Volterra was kinda shoddy...but I will touch on that more below...
  • I thought the vision Alice had, while in Volterra - and the one she showed Aro, of Bella and Edward running through the forest in these ridiculous clothes was...well...ridiculous. I laughed OUT loud and almost knocked my beer over. Sigh. But it didn't last long...and then Aro's facial expressions made it worth it.
  • I liked that the movie ended abruptly, but I didn't like the way Edward proposed. There was quite a bit more to it in the book...and I don't think they handled his coming back as well as they could have. I missed the scene where they got back to the Seattle airport and Charlie seeing Bella come home. I thought those were important...but apparently, the editor/director/screenwriter didn't. There were some juicy bits left out of their discussions about why he left, why he came back, how he was almost about to come back anyways...I felt like we got shafted there.
  • Jacob rocked. I love Charlie (Bella's dad) more than ever, Jasper made some great line deliveries and made several ladies swoon in the audience, Alice was adorable and everyone wants her for a best friend, and I was pleasantly surprised by the casting of Graham Greene as Harry Clearwater. Well done.

After I get some decent sleep, I may amend or add to this review. Until then...know one thing for sure.....

I definitely liked it and it was worth staying up for!

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