Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2 hours of 24 is, in fact, too much...

I have been struggling with my love/hate relationship with 24 the whole season. Every Monday I have been traumatized by constant terrorist attacks, characters who keep changing sides, and Jack slowly dying. I am not a big fan of heavy-handed drama...but somehow, I am unable to "quit" 24. Last night we watched the season finale of 24 in all its 2 hours of stress and anticipation. Will Kim Bauer donate her stem cells to save her father? Will Tony turn out to be, like we all hope, NOT a bad guy after all? Will Renee get punched in the face by Janice like she deserves? Will they re-open CTU so Chloe can get her own desk? Will the president's daughter get shipped off to Bosnia or something similar where she belongs? All these questions were unanswered going into the show. By the end, I finally got some of those answers, sorta, but honestly...at the end of 2 tumultuous hours, I still felt incredibly unsatisfied. I think that is part of their schtick.

So...I have one year to recover from the constant whipping that is 24 and then jump right back in to find out if Kim's stem cells can save Daddy Jack after all. Best part of the finale was when Kim's phone died and she said "dammit!" just like her dad. Ah. Like father, like daughter. Wonder if she will be playing a bigger role next season?

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