Tuesday, April 28, 2009

things that I know about myself...

- I like cheese
- I like to play outside, but only when I am actually in shape and can
enjoy it. Otherwise it feels like work, not play. So, I have some
"work" to do so I can play
- I like music. No, I love music. Love love love music.
- I am completely unable to pass up the opportunity for a good concert or show.
- I am more unable to, even when faced with severely depleted funds,
hold back with the the use of my all powerful credit card to purchase
high dollar tickets to a 3 day music festival that has a lineup so
fantastic I almost hurled.

Talk amongst yourselves. And check out the lineup...cause we are going
now that I have purchased tickets. ;)


~ beckbee

whatcha whatcha whatcha want???

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