Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ice, ice baby!

Yeah, its cold...and icy outside. Delaying my commute a bit this morning, so I thought I would take this opportunity and blog.

I am shocked, absolutely shocked, that Irving ISD is closed. They never close. They are probably in shock as well. Kids were prolly waiting for buses, somehow knowing the evil overlords of IISD wouldn't allow a closing. But, apparently...they gave in and thought of the safety of the kids! Yay!

I am working on a project I started ages ago and then let go by the wayside. I am now dedicated, nay...I am devoted....nay, single-minded...yeah, I like that...single-minded in my quest to rip ALL my cds to my Itunes. This sounds so simple. I know. BUT...I have so much music that just sits in a digital lockdown as a cd and I never listen to cds. I will FREE you, music!! Be free like the birds! Or at least, as free as what is in my itunes, and then eventually in a playlist that makes its way to my nano. :)

My cat must think the floors are too intolerably cold for his little feets to be on. He absolutely refuses to get out of my lap. Maybe its because I am a radiant heater all by myself. Chupa would curl up in my lap too, but I only have room for one animal right now. Mike gets the dog. She is eyeing me with a
how could you?" look. Sigh. I might have to start an alternating sequence for them. Grrr

I hope the roads clear up soon. *gasp* I do actually have alot to get done. I want to make sure I can get these files ready for Janet. I don't want to be the weak link, ya know?

I am also hoping that the roads aren't too bad tonight. Nacheaux and I have plans to scout for the Pre-Lube pub crawl for TXIH. YAY!

K...I am gonna do something productive.

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shine said...

Productivity is overrated. :-)